Florence M. Itegi (PhD)

Year of Publication: 



It’s a basic human right for children to feel safe in school and be spared intentional humiliation implied in bullying. More so the society expects schools to mold responsible citizens for sustainable development of modern society. This notwithstanding, studies have found the fear of being bullied when entering secondary schools in Kenya is enormous. Expost facto design was adopted to explore possible cause and effect among variables. A stratified random sample of 300 students was used. The findings were that bullying was a significant problem in schools; bullying was more rampant in boys’ schools than girls however, majority of girls were victims, majority of boys were bullies; victims were mainly junior students among boys while among girls were from different class levels; physical violence was common among boys and verbal among girls. The study recommended empowerment of teachers to enhance supportive school environment and collaboration among stakeholders.


Bullying in Kenyan Public Schools
Education in Kenyan