Florence M. Itegi

Year of Publication: 



Bullying is associated with many factors including school environment, social factors and family background and child characteristics. Children who chronically act as bullies or fall victims of bullying have some common characteristics, some of which are acquired, innate or emanate from the way they are treated by their parents.This article examines the role plaid by child characteristics and parental aggression in taking positions as bullies, victims or observers. While various child characteristics, such as age, class level and gender were found to have influence on bullying,bullying was associated to the methods of discipline adopted by parents.However, reactions of those who witnessed incidences of bullying emerged as catalyst or deterrent to prevalence of bullying. The study recommended a shift in school management to improve the school environment; open channels of communication to encourage observers and victims of bullying to report and stakeholders‟ forums to talk about bullying openly.


Bullying, Child characteristics, Parental aggression, Schools and Students