Dr.Florence Itegi

Year of Publication: 



Values and character provide the building blocks for the inherent preservation of a healthy society. Developing values is the art of life that keeps the environment-friendly and safe, allowing people of different backgrounds to work, live and interact in peace. Influence of relevant role-players and institutions are pivotal to ensure provision of successful life and future for individuals and society. Among the national goals of education in Kenya is promotion of moral values. However, stakeholders engage in blame game and there is widespread agreement that schools are entrusted with responsibility of moral development among learners. Consequently, reports of problem behavior is rampant among students including delinquency, petty crime, alcohol, and substance abuse, bullying.The purpose of the study was to investigate factors influencing development of moral values among pupils.Moral status among pupils was perceived as low exhibited by problem behaviors such as sexual relations, abusive language, gossiping, disobedience, indiscipline, disrespect, rudeness, dishonesty, conflicts, and bad groups. Pupils were taught values by different groups and teachers felt there was more emphasis on cognitive aspect at the expense of affective and psychomotor domains.Among the factors influencing moral development of pupils were media, peers, teachers, parents, poverty, urbanization, school environment and pupil characteristics.