Florence M. Itegi (PhD)
Felicita W. Njuguna (Phd)

Year of Publication: 



Purpose: The paper discusses challenges, implications and prospects of research in institutions of higher education in Africa. It posits that research has been accorded insufficient attention and resources by many African governments and institutions of higher education by extension. Methodology: It involved review of relevant literature from textbooks, Journal Articles and personal experiences. Findings: The challenges of research in Africa are not purely academic. They are caused by failure of the governments to put in place policies that recognize the fundamental impact research activities could have on governance and efficient use of public resources. Consequently, research has been accorded insufficient attention and resources by governments and institutions of higher education. These are manifested in deficiency in training of student researchers, preference for synthetic research rather than innovative and creative types, theoretical approach to teaching research resulting to inadequately prepared personnel to meet international standards. Besides, poor remuneration of researchers has resulted in movements of staff from institutions of higher education to lucrative jobs in the country and brain drain. This has impacted negatively on the quality of research in terms of skills, facilities and the general research environment. However, use of ICT will make the research process easier and improve dissemination. There is need to encourage partnerships between private and public institutions and collaboration locally and regionally


Research in higher education