English Language: Book cover page, brief abstract 150 words target audience and table of contents

Projects/paper format

  1. Language; English American or British and not mixed, font size 12, Times Roman A4 paper size
  2. Length of paper: 17 -20 pages, double spaced including footnotes/references

Section 1

  1. Title: A reflection on the content and geographical area where the study was done. No abbreviations and formulae, centred and not more than 12 words
  2. Name of author(s) with emails, postal address and telephone numbers with country area code
  3. Sponsoring organization if any


Section 2

  1. Abstract: A brief but concise summary of the study in 150 words, comprising of purpose, methods and main findings. Avoid references in the abstract.
  2. Key words: consider main concepts that potential researchers would use to trace the work more easily. 5 key words are adequate.
  3. Subdivision of article: sub sections should be numbered 1, 2, and 3 … From Introduction to conclusion, not more than 6 sub titles abstract not included.
  4. Tables and Figures are presented in line with text
  5. References: follow APA latest edition style
  6. Reference list: more than one reference from same author must be organized chronologically from most recent to earlier years

Submission Checklist

  1. Ensure the article has not been previously published or being considered for another website
  2. Author(s) must read submission guidelines
  3. Submission guidelines have been applied in all sections
  4. Author(s) did not mention his/her name and affiliation in the text


Slide 1: Title and author name, affiliation and year. Slide 2 Overview and target audience then main body with a conclusion


Title, Name of Author, year: place of publication, Overview and target audience, Table of contents and main body with relevant subtitles from introduction to conclusion

Short articles

 Title, Name of Author, year, 1-2 pages discussion on topical issues